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Le Prix Mystère de la Critique

Le Prix Mystère de la Critique is awarded annually by book critics in France to the best crime novel by a French author and the best foreign novel translated into French published during the previous year. (For the latter award, if an English title is known, it is listed in parentheses.)


  • Best French Novel: Les Harmoniques by Marcus Malte
  • Best Foreign Novel: Les Fantômes de Belfast (The Ghosts of Belfast) by Stuart Neville
  • Best French Novel: La guerre des vanités by Marin Ledun
  • Best Foreign Novel: La mort au crépuscule (Twilight) by William Gay
  • Best French Novel: Les Cœurs déchiquetés by Hervé Le Corre
  • Best Foreign Novel: Dans les limbes (The Resurrectionist) by Jack O'Connell
  • Best French Novel: Zulu by Caryl Férey
  • Best Foreign Novel: Dernier tramway pour les Champs-Elysées (Last Car To Elysian Fields) by James Lee Burke
  • Best French Novel: Cruelles Natures by Pascal Dessaint
  • Best Foreign Novel: Un hiver de glace (Winter's Bone) by Daniel Woodrell
  • Best French Novel: Lorraine Connection by Dominique Manotti
  • Best Foreign Novel: Cinq femmes et demie by Francisco Gonzales-Ledesma
  • Best French Novel: French Tabloïds by Jean-Hugues Oppel
  • Best Foreign Novel: La Cité des jarres (Jar City) by Arnaldur Indridason
  • Best French Novel: L'Homme aux lèvres de saphir by Hervé Le Corre
  • Best Foreign Novel: Le Rêve des chevaux brisés (The Dream of Broken Horses) by William Bayer
  • Best French Novel: L'Homme encerclé by Michèle Rozenfarb
  • Best Foreign Novel: Les Soldats de l'aube (Dead at Daybreak) by Deon Meyer
  • Best French Novel: Bois-Brûlé by Claude Amoz
  • Best Foreign Novel: Mystic River (Mystic River) by Dennis Lehane
  • Best French Novel: Nos fantastiques années fric by Dominique Manotti
  • Best Foreign Novel: Azazel by Boris Akounine
  • Best French Novel: La Promesse de Melchior by Alain Demouzon
  • Best Foreign Novel: Le Couperet (The Ax) by Donald E. Westlake
  • Best French Novel: L'Homme à l'envers by Fred Vargas
  • Best Foreign Novel: Le Guerrier solitaire (Sidetracked) by Henning Mankell
  • Best French Novel: Moloch by Thierry Jonquet
  • Best Foreign Novel: La Forme de l'eau (The Shape of Water) by Andrea Camilleri
  • Best French Novel: Dernière station avant autoroute by Hugues Pagan
  • Best Foreign Novel: Le Poète (The Poet) by Michael Connelly
  • Best French Novel: Bouche d'ombre by Pascal Dessaint
  • Best Foreign Novel: Enigma (Enigma) by Robert Harris
  • Best French Novel: Debout les morts by Fred Vargas
  • Best Foreign Novel: L'Aliéniste (The Alienist) by Caleb Carr
  • Best French Novel: Brocéliande-sur-Marne by Jean-Hugues Oppel
  • Best Foreign Novel: Quand se lève le brouillard rouge (Not Till the Red Fog Rises) by Robin Cook
  • Best French Novel: Les Orpailleurs by Thierry Jonquet
  • Best Foreign Novel: L'été de cristal (March Violets) by Philip Kerr
  • Best French Novel: La Belle de Fontenay by Jean-Bernard Pouy
  • Best Foreign Novel: La dame de cachemire by Francisco Gonzales-Ledesma
  • Best French Novel: La Commedia des ratés by Tonino Benacquista
  • Best Foreign Novel: Black Cherry Blues (Black Cherry Blues) by James Lee Burke
  • Best French Novel: Une mort dans le Djebel by Jacques Syreigeol
  • Best Foreign Novel: Le Silence des Agneaux (The Silence of the Lambs) by Thomas Harris
  • Best French Novel: Un Violon pour Mozart by Joseph Bialot
  • Best Foreign Novel: Le Grand nulle part (The Big Nowhere) by James Ellroy
  • Best French Novel: Fenêtres sur femmes by Patrick Raynal
  • Best Foreign Novel: Fausse Piste (The Wrong Case) by James Crumley
  • Best French Novel: La Fée carabine by Daniel Pennac
  • Best Foreign Novel: Robin des bois est mort by   Ky
  • Best French Novel: Play-Back by Didier Daeninckx
  • Best Foreign Novel: L'Orchestre des ombres by Tom Topor
  • Best French Novel: Au balcon d'Hiroshima by Jean Amila
  • Best Foreign Novel: Une tête pour une autre (Switch) by William Bayer
  • Best French Novel: La Maison assassinée by Pierre Magnan
  • Best Foreign Novel: La Nuit de l'égorgeur by William P. McGivern
  • Best French Novel: 55 de fièvre by Tito Topin
  • Best Foreign Novel: On ne meurt que deux fois (He Died with His Eyes Open) by Robin Cook
  • Best French Novel: Elémentaires mon cher Holmes by René Réouven
  • Best Foreign Novel: La Cavale d'Eddie Macon (Eddie Macon's Run) by James McLendon
  • Best French Novel: Attention les fauves by Brice Pelman
  • Best Foreign Novel: La Mémoire dans la peau (The Bourne Identity) by Robert Ludlum
  • Best French Novel: La Bavure by Jean-François Coatmeur
  • Best Foreign Novel: La Rue devient folle (The Protector) by Malcolm Braly
  • Best French Novel: Bloody Mary by Jean Vautrin
  • Best Foreign Novel: Méchant garçon (Bad Ronald) by Jack Vance
  • Best French Novel: Mes crimes imparfaits by Alain Demouzon
  • Best Foreign Novel: Trafiquants d'armes (Passage of Arms) by Eric Ambler
  • Best French Novel: L'Inspecteur de la mer by Michel Grisolia
  • Best French Novel: L'Otage est sans pitié by Alain Gallou Dreux
  • Best French Novel: La place du mort by Louis C. Thomas
  • Best Foreign Novel: Le Scandale Lester (The Lester Affair) by Andrew Garve
  • Best French Novel: Adieu Poulet by Raf Vallet
  • Best French Novel: Le secret d'Eunerville by Pierre Boileau and Thomas Narceja
  • Best French Novel: Nocturne pour un assassin by Fred Kassak
  • Best French Novel: Hotu soit qui mal y pense by Albert Simonin
  • Best Foreign Novel: Pierre qui brûle (The Hot Rock) by Donald E. Westlake

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