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Premio Azzeccagarbugli al Romanzo Poliziesco

The Premio Azzeccagarbugli al Romanzo Poliziesco is an annual award for the best Italian crime novel. The Province of Lecco and the Youth Group of Confindustria Lecco are the sponsors of the award.


  • Best Crime Novel: Tu sei il male (You Are Evil) by Roberto Costantini (Marsilio)
  • Best First Novel: Tu sei il male (You Are Evil) by Roberto Costantini (Marsilio)
  • Best Crime Novel: Il libro dell'angelo (The Book of the Angel) by Alfredo Colitto (Piemme)
  • Best First Novel: Viale del Policlinico by Claudio Coletta (Sellerio)
  • Best Foreign Novel: Cella 211 (Cell 211) by Francisco Perez Gandul (Marsilio)
  • Best Crime Novel: Morte e Firenze (Death and Florence) by Marco Vichi (Guanda)
  • Best First Novel: Repetita by Maril¨ Oliva (Perdisa)
  • Best Foreign Novel: La calma del pi¨ forte (The Calm of the Strong) by Veit Heinichen (Edizioni E/O)
  • Best Crime Novel: Rossoamaro by Bruno Morchio (Garzanti)
  • Best First Novel: Odia il prossimo tuo (He Hates Your Neighbor) by Luca Poldelmengo (Kowalski)
  • Best Crime Novel: Musica nera (Black Music) by Leonardo Gori (Hobby & Work)
  • Best First Novel: La virt¨ del cerchio (The Virtue of the Circle) by Dario Falleti (iL Filo)
  • Best Crime Novel: La notte di Peter Pan (The Night of Peter Pan) by Piero Degli Antoni (Rizzoli)
  • Best Crime Novel: Milano, solo andata (Milan, One Way) by Adele Marini (Fratelli Frilli)
  • Best Crime Novel: L'inglesina in soffitta (The English Girl in the Attic) by Luca Masali (Sironi)

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