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The Independent Publisher Book Award (IPPYs)

The "IPPY" Awards, launched in 1996 by Independent Publisher, are designed to bring increased recognition to the deserving but often unsung titles published by independent authors and publishers. Below are the winners in the mystery, suspense, and thriller category; the categories were split into two in 2012:


  • Mystery/Cozy/Noir Gold: What's a Witch to Do? by Jennifer Harlow (Midnight Ink)
  • Mystery/Cozy/Noir Silver Tie:
    • Coldwater by Diana Gould (Rare Bird Books)
    • Colorado Noir: Stories from the Dark Side by John Dwaine McKenna (Rhyolite Press)
  • Mystery/Cozy/Noir Bronze Tie:
    • Tough City by Yuri Lowenthal and Keith Ikeda-Barry (Bug Bot Press)
    • Fleeting Glance by Sherban Young (MysteryCaper Press)
  • Suspense/Thriller Gold: Carved in Darkness by Maegan Beaumont (Midnight Ink)
  • Suspense/Thriller Silver Tie:
    • The Cana Mystery by David Beckett (Tuscany Press)
    • November Echo by James Houston Turner (Regis Books)
  • Suspense/Thriller Bronze Tie:
    • Enough Rope by P. L. Doss (Mayfair Press)
    • Corridor of Darkness by Patrick W. O'Bryon (Brantome Press)
  • Mystery/Cozy/Noir Gold: Walking into the Ocean by David Whellams (ECW Press)
  • Mystery/Cozy/Noir Silver Tie:
    • Floats the Dark Shadow by Yves Fey (BearCat Press)
    • Bias Cut by Morgan Richter (Luft Books)
  • Mystery/Cozy/Noir Bronze: Cocaine Zombies by Scott A. Lerner (Camel Press)
  • Suspense/Thriller Gold: The Jericho Deception by Jeffrey Small (West Hills)
  • Suspense/Thriller Silver Tie:
    • The Ascent of Marshall by Brian Anderson (Brian Anderson)
    • The Romanov Stone by Robert C. Yeager (Abbott Press)
  • Suspense/Thriller Bronze: Beta Project Avatar by A. M. D. Hays (Diadema Press)
  • Mystery/Cozy/Noir Gold: Murder on Music Row by Stuart Dill (John F. Blair)
  • Mystery/Cozy/Noir Silver: Safely Buried by John Pesta (CreateSpace)
  • Mystery/Cozy/Noir Bronze: Wicked Wind by Helen Cothran (CreateSpace)
  • Suspense/Thriller Gold Tie:
    • If Thy Right Hand by Robin Lamont (Dog Ear Publishing)
    • Department Thirteen by James Houston Turner (Comfort Publishing)
  • Suspense/Thriller Silver: Secret Combinations by Gordon Cope (TouchWood Editions)Review of Secret Combinations by Gordon Cope
  • Suspense/Thriller Bronze: Murder Under the Microscope by Jane Bennett Munro (iUniverse)
  • Gold: The Tavernier Stones by Stephen Parrish (Midnight Ink)
  • Silver Tie:
    • Children in the Morning by Anne Emery (ECW Press)
    • The Marriage of Silence and Sin by Jacqueline M. Lyon (Literary Legends)
  • Bronze: The Trust by Sean Keefer (Old Line Publishing)
  • Gold: The Big Wake-Up by Mark Coggins (Bleak House)
  • Silver Tie:
    • Shamrock Alley by Ronald Damien Malfi (Medallion Press)
    • Death of a Bronx Cop by Tom Walker (iUniverse)
  • Bronze: Dead Air by Deborah Shlian and Linda Reid (Oceanview Publishing)Review of Dead Air by Deborah Shlian and Linda Reid
  • Gold: Armageddon Conspiracy by John Thompson (Joggling Board Press)
  • Silver Tie:
    • Ruins of Grandeur by Donald Geddes III (Morgana Press)Review of Ruins of Grandeur by Donald Geddes III
    • Stealing Trinity by Ward Larsen (Oceanview Publishing)Review of Stealing Trinity by Ward Larsen
  • Bronze Tie:
    • Leading Lady by Heywood Gould (Five Star)
    • Death of a Cozy Writer by G. M. Malliet (Midnight Ink)Review of Death of a Cozy Writer by G. M. Malliet
    • Conspiracy of Silence by Martha Powers (Oceanview Publishing)Review of Conspiracy of Silence by Martha Powers
    • The Devil Can Wait by Marta Stephens (BeWrite Books)
  • Gold: The Cutting Season by Arthur Rosenfeld (YMMA Publications)
  • Silver: The Vanishing A-List by Diane Ketcham (Tidelow Press)
  • Bronze Tie:
    • Erased by Matthew Dunn (Onondaga Hill Publishing)
    • Stealing the Dragon by Tim Maleeny (Flux/Llewellyn)
    • On Pain of Death by Jan Rehner (Sumach Press)
    • Wearing the Spider by Susan Schaab (Galavant Press)Review of Wearing the Spider by Susan Schaab
  • Gold: Fire with Fire by Allan Kahane (Pyro Publishing/Greenleaf Book Group)
  • Silver: Death's Witness by Paul Batista (Sourcebooks)
  • Bronze Tie:
    • Candy from Strangers by Mark Coggins (Bleak House)
    • Triple Cross by Kit Ehrman (Poisoned Pen Press)Review of Triple Cross by Kit Ehrman
    • Trust by Charles Epping (Greenleaf Book Group Press)
    • Deuce's Wild by Clyde W. Ford (Midnight Ink)
    • Too Big to Miss by Sue Ann Jaffarian (Midnight Ink)
    • Louisiana Burn by Carl T. Smith (River City Publishing)
  • Winner: Yellow as Legal Pads by Fran Stewart (Doggie in the Window Publications)
  • Winner: The Hit by Jere Hoar (Context Books)
  • Winner: The Holy by Daniel Quinn (Context Books)
  • Winner: First Lady by Michael Malone (Sourcebooks)
  • Winner: Tracon by Paul McElroy (Japphire)

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