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The International Book Awards

The International Book Awards honor outstanding books from mainstream and independent publishing houses worldwide and are sponsored by USA Book News. (See also the Best Books Awards, a companion site.)


  • Mystery/Suspense: Darkroom by Joshua Graham (Howard Books)
  • Thriller/Adventure: Darkroom by Joshua Graham (Howard Books)
  • Mystery/Thriller/Suspense Ebook: The Right Guard by Alexandra Hamlet (Foxboro Press)
  • Mystery/Thriller/Suspense Audiobook: On Blazing Wings by L. Ron Hubbard (Galaxy Press)
  • Mystery/Suspense: Beyond Justice by Joshua Graham (Dawn Treader Press)
  • Thriller/Adventure: Road to Omalos by Marilyn Jax (Beaver's Pond Press)
  • Mystery/Suspense: Tetraktys by Ari Juels (Emerald Bay Books)
  • Thriller/Adventure: This Way Madness Comes by Robert Alan (Cycad Press)

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